Agoda International Deals

Our most comprehensive campaign attracts international travelers through targeted multi-channel marketing and effortless price optimization.


Agoda International Deals Features & Benefits


Marketing solutions

Be featured on our dynamic landing pages and powerful social media channels where millions of daily visitors are looking for their perfect trip. Our eye-catching visuals are promoted on banners, pop-ups, and push notifications.


Affiliate channels

Get ahead of the competition and make your first impression way ahead of the booking page. Reach customers while they are still researching their trip through Agoda’s affiliation with a variety of travel-related service providers.


Targeted and precise

Discounts can be targeted based on IP address or preferred language, ensuring that you reach just the right travelers. Stack your promotions to narrow down your target audience, increase your bookings, and boost your ratings!


Customized strategy

Campaign settings provide you with control, from cancellation policies to room types and restrictions. Pause at any time to take advantage of changes in demand or to target a different audience.


Performance analytics

Dive into data-driven pricing without drowning in the details! Agoda’s data insights help you to understand performance, providing suggestions for improved results and effortless price optimization.

Agoda International Deals offers partners precise targeting, ensuring that their best rates are promoted to the customers who are most likely to book. Market your property within Agoda’s own global audience, and across a variety of affiliate channels. Let us take care of marketing and data while you sit back and watch the bookings soar.

This comprehensive campaign has yielded notable increases in bookings, from 64% (Dubai, 2021) to 154% (Maldives, 2021) and 222% (Bangkok, 2021). Boost your bookings now by activating today!

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