This article will outline the 6 steps you need to complete before being live on Agoda.  


Registration steps 

After submitting your registration, please log in to YCS and go to the EC360 Dashboard. Here you are required to complete 6 steps before your property listing can be activated and displayed on Agoda. You can click on the links below to see the detailed guidelines of each step. 

Registration Steps  Requirements 
Room Setup Create at least one room type 
Property Photos Upload at least 1 main photo for your property 
Facilities Select at least 1 facility 
Rates and Allotments Load rates and inventory for at least 90 days for minimum 1 room type 
Cancellation Policy Select your property’s cancellation policy  
Contract After you sign the contract, our legal team will review and sign as well 








Once you submit a registration, all tabs need to be completed within 60 days, otherwise, the registration will expire and be categorized as Not Approved. 


Next steps from Agoda 

Once all steps are completed, your hotel will be bookable, so please make sure all information is accurate and up to date. 

We will conduct a review before activating your property. To avoid delays please make sure of the following:  

The property is not registered already on Agoda. 

All contact details are verifiable and reachable. 

Photos used are authentic and match the stated requirements. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

What can I do if my registration expires? 

Once expired, Agoda cannot re-activate your registration. You can register again with Agoda and make sure you finalize all steps within 60 days.  


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