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In this article, we will outline all information about what kind of Promotion types are available and their features in YCS.


Promotion Types

There are different promotion templates that will help you create different sell strategies. Once you click on any type, you will see the short explanation in the box on the right side.

  • Customized Promotion
  • Early Bird / Adv. Purchase
  • Last Minute
  • 72-hours Promotion
  • Weekend Getaway
  • Long Stays
  • After Hours Promotion
  • Express Tonight
  • China Only
  • Free Night

Each template has different setup fields. Here are the list of templates and their explanation.

Customized Promotion – This template will allow you to enter a range of booking dates, stay dates and a discount that can be either a percentage, fixed amount or free night(s)

Early Bird / Adv. Purchase – This is the right template if you want to give a discount to customers who booked early by setting the minimum number of days to book in advance. For example, if you set 7 Minimum number of days to book in advance, a customer will be able to book rates with this promotion if they search for a stay at least 7 days before their booking date.

Last Minute – This promotion will consider the maximum number of days in advance and range of stay date. For example, if you set 7 Maximum number of days in advance, only a customer who booked with stay date within 7 days from their booking date will be able to book the rate with this promotion.

72-hours Promotion – This template will be giving a limited time sale offer. The promotion can only be booked for the next number of days (default 3 days).

Weekend Getaway – This template will support the specific day of a week on stay date and offer discounts for customers who booked on weekend. The default days of the week are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Long Stays – When you need to offer a special discount for customers who stay longer at your property, you can set Minimum length of stay within this template. The default length of stay is 3 days.

After Hours Promotion – You will have an ability to limit the specific time a booking can be made. As the default booking time is 00:00 am – 06:00 am, customers who made a booking during this time (property local time) will see the rates with this promotion.

Express Tonight – This template allows you to sell your last rooms quickly and easily by entering the final selling rate in the promotion.

China Only – Offering a special deal for our Chinese customers. This promotion will be available for customers who use Mandarin Chinese or search from Greater China.

Free Night – This template will offer free night(s) benefit to customers who booked at the selected stay dates.


Features and Definitions

There are many options you can select to build a promotion. Below is a guide for each feature:

  • Promotion name: Renaming your promotion. This will be displayed in YCS for your reference and searching purpose
  • Stackable promotion toggle: This tool allows you to create a promotion that can be stacked on top of other active promotions (regardless of if the other active promotions are set as stackable or not). This allows you to ensure that the customers can benefit from as many benefits as possible.
    • How does this work:
      Promotion A: 15% non-stackable discount
      Promotion B: 20% non-stackable discount
      Promotion C: 5% stackable discount
      In this case, the following discount will apply: 20% discount (best promotion) + 5% discount (stackable) = 25% discount in total.
  • Sale dates: Dates that the customers can book this promotion
  • Stay dates: Dates that the customers search for check-in
  • Minimum length of stay: Customer must book at least this number of stay dates in order to see the promotion
  • Maximum length of stay: Customer must book with number of stay dates less than this number in order to see the promotion
  • Minimum number of days in advance: This allows you to choose how far in advance a customer must book before check-in date.
  • Maximum number of days in advance: This will limit how far in advance of check-in that customer can book for this promotion
  • Customer can book on: Option to select book date in days of a week
  • Customer can check in on: Option to select check-in date in days of a week
  • Booking time from: Starting of time that you allow promotion to display. This will rely on your property local time.
  • Booking time to: Ending of time that you allow promotion to display. This will rely on your property local time.
  • External code: The code that you can use as a reference with the channel manager
  • Discount type: The discount that you offer to customers which can be in percentage, amount or free night(s)
  • Minimum number of rooms: Required minimum number of rooms from customers per booking
  • Apply discount on: When you offer free night(s) you can select some specific day that this offer will be applied on.
  • How many times does the discount apply: If you offer free night(s) and have set minimum 2 nights length of stay, once customers book a 4-night length of stay, you want to offer 2 free nights (Multiple times per booking) or 1 night (Once per booking)
  • Add restriction: Restrictions can be set to limit some customers group, rooms or search criteria from this promotion. Available options are Rate Plans, Room types, Customer Segments, Cancellation Policy and Blackout dates.


Frequent Asked Questions

When will the promotion take effective?

After created, your promotion will instantly display on the website and be available to the customers based on the criteria you provided.

How does the cancellation policy in promotion works?

Promotion’s Cancellation Policy overwrites all the other cancellation policy.

Can I add restriction to promotions?

Blackout days, cancellation policy and other restrictions can be added in Add restriction section


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