Imagine a world where there are NO restrictions, NO quarantine, and NO COVID-19!

It’s coming – with your help.

Agoda Australia is proud to present our “Vaxxed to Go!” project, in accordance with the Tourism Australia initiative “It’s our best shot for travel.”

This is a head start project in which you can sign up with Agoda and offer 10% off to any fully vaccinated traveler(s). 

What’s in it for you:

  • Assured safety for your staff and their families
  • Additional marketing on Agoda
  • Bookings and revenue
  • A head start for both you and vaccinated travelers
  • Super easy, one-step implementation

What you provide:

  • 10% stackable discount for any fully vaccinated traveler over the age of 16
  • Travel period: Next 12 months
  • Sale period: until 30th Nov 2021
  • Flexible Cancellation


Agoda has partnered with Save the Children to support children and their families affected by the continued COVID-19 lockdowns across New South Wales and Victoria.

Agoda will be donating $15 for each booking made (up to a maximum of $13,500) towards Save the Children Educational Activity Packs to support children‘s continued learning and emotional wellbeing.

Vaccination is one of the fastest ways the world can be together again, as one big travel family. We can either be the leaders of the tourism world or wait for others to lead.  Fully/partially vaccinated and those who are intending to vaccinate will appreciate the gesture and be able to plan ahead. Help Australian Tourism get back to where it once was!

You can join the campaign through the YCS Promotion Setup Page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can book Vaxxed to Go! package?  
A: Anyone can view and book. A guest may not have received full vaccination at time of booking but can still plan & book now for travel later.

Q: How do we check if a guest is vaccinated?
A: The hotel will verify at the time of check in (vaccination certificate)

Q: What if guest is unable to show proof of vaccination upon check-in at the property? 
A: Guests may be required to pay the price difference. The final decision will be at hotel’s sole discretion.

Q: Does everyone need to show proof of full vaccination or just the lead guest who makes the booking? What happens with children?
A: Every guest that is eligible for Covid-19 vaccine who checks-in under Vaxxed to Go! package must show proof of full vaccination. Children not eligible for vaccine will be excused.