Company: Visit Britain is the official British Tourism Board.


Challenge: With COVID waves surging in various regions and new restrictions coming alongside, marketing campaign performance in specific markets is getting harder for DMOs (and other advertisers).






– Using Agoda Media Solutions as a content marketing and media partner to promote Visit Britain to specific origin markets depending on the COVID situation in those markets.

– Using Agoda Media Solutions’ 1st party proprietary data/Travel Trends to ensure optimal engagement of the campaign and display Visit Britain’s banner to targeted audiences.

– Creating a 100% custom on-platform travel guide (content marketing offering) to cover all aspects of the user journey on Agoda to Visit Britain.




1,000,000 Impressions were delivered to their Media Banners

x25 Return on Ads Spent were generated by these banners for Visit Britain

Up to 230% increase in certain origin market of Bookings and destination intent




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