• 若您有開啟Agoda「到店付款」功能,且過去有依政府規定呈報境外稅,現在可憑此公文向國稅局申請退稅
  • 未來針對Agoda的「到店付款」訂單,也不需要再主動向國稅局呈報境外稅
  • 若您尚未開啟Agoda「到店付款」功能,建議您立即與我們聯繫,了解開啟「到店付款」的好處,為飯店爭取更多訂單



Agoda has received “Pay at hotel” Foreign Tax Exemption Approval Letter for Agoda Pay at Hotel bookings.

  • If you have enabled Agoda’s “Pay at Hotel” feature and have reported foreign tax in accordance with government regulations in the past, you can now apply for a tax refund to the National Taxation Bureau using the attached official letter.
  • In the future, Pay at Hotel bookings on Agoda will no longer be required to report foreign tax to the National Taxation Bureau.
  • If you haven’t activated Agoda’s Pay at Hotel feature, we recommend that you contact us to learn about the benefits of this payment method, and gain more bookings for your hotel.

Please kindly find attached the “Certificate of Residence” for your reference as well.


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