Agoda Property Collect

Offer the added ease of on-arrival payments, giving travelers the flexibility they desire and strengthening your property’s competitive edge.


Agoda Property Collect Features & Benefits


Flexible payment

Offer a payment model that enables guests to use their preferred type of payment upon check-in, accommodating the preferences of a wider customer base and encouraging more bookings.


Exclusive search filters

Enjoy greater visibility with unique search filters for properties with flexible payment options. Gain the attention of travelers who value flexibility and enhance your exposure on the search results page. These are Agoda’s most frequently used filters!


Gain traction

Leverage the advantage of longer lead times, providing opportunities for your property to attract early bookings, tailor marketing efforts, and implement dynamic pricing strategies.


Stand-out label

Distinguish your property listing with an eye-catching label that highlights the flexibility of payment options, netting an average of 10% more bookings.


Easy management

Simplify your property’s cashflow management and administrative tasks with a self-service tool on YCS. Paying Agoda’s commission is convenient and effortless, with the choice of payment offsetting or monthly invoicing.

Agoda Property Collect offers a streamlined solution that caters to the modern traveler’s need for flexibility. By enabling guests to book now and pay at the hotel, your property will attract a much broader audience who favor our most frequently used filters for flexible payment options. Simplify your reservation management to ensure a streamlined process that is effective and efficient, both for the customer and for your property.

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