Agoda Growth Program

Tap into Agoda’s powerful marketing ecosystem to amplify your property’s presence across platforms, driving revenue and boosting brand awareness.


Agoda Growth Program Features & Benefits


Preferred Partner recognition

Achieve standout status with the Preferred Partner Logo, a hallmark of trust endorsed by Agoda. Our Preferred Partners displaying this logo have seen an average net room night increase of 42%!


Expanded visibility boost

Elevate your property’s profile with enhanced visibility both on and beyond Agoda. Attract more attention and achieve higher conversion rates through meticulously crafted search optimization and cost-effective Metasearch and Pay-per-Click strategies. We will increase the ad bidding we do for your property by up to 80%.


Affiliate network advantage

Leverage a vast network of over 10,000 affiliate platforms to showcase your property. This expansive reach puts your property in the spotlight, reaching a wider audience and multiplying your booking channels.

Skyrocket your property’s performance with the transformative impact of the Agoda Growth Program (AGP). From achieving preferred partner status to enjoying a visibility boost and engaging directly with travelers, AGP positions your property for increased bookings and revenue. By leveraging a comprehensive suite of marketing solutions that includes strategic marketing, amplified online presence, and enticing guest incentives, AGP paves the way for you to exceed your business goals. Join our network of successful partners today!

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