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Turn searches into stays – drive direct bookings from the top spots on our search results page with guaranteed placement and increased visibility.


Sponsored Listings Features & Benefits


Increased visibility

Stand out in a crowded marketplace and position your property listing in a prominent spot. Choose either Top 3 or Top 15 placement for higher credibility, more click-throughs, and increased bookings.


Boost rankings

Ensure that your ROI continues even after the completion of your campaign! More bookings means more reviews, effectively boosting your overall ranking.


Strategic opportunities

Take advantage of increased demand, seasonal and local holidays, or consider promoting new developments at your property. Activate ahead of time to guarantee your visibility!


Simple and effective

You are in control. Select your campaign dates, targeted search terms, and payment method. It only takes a few clicks to instantly jump ahead of your competitors!


Transparent budget control

View your live performance estimate while setting up your campaign, with predicted success based on your selections. Choose to pay by cost-per-booking or cost-per-campaign.

Agoda Sponsored Listings helps partners to boost their property’s visibility – on both the website and app. Reserve a guaranteed spot in either the Top 3 or Top 15 search results, where your property is more likely to be seen by potential customers.

Sponsored Listings provide assurance that any customer searching for accommodation in your location will see your property. This marketing boost has yielded exciting results, such as a 10x return on investment (ROI), 30x increase in impressions, and 6x increase in click-through-rates.

Plant the seeds for future bookings! With a guaranteed increase in visibility, customers are also likely to recall your property for future trips. Activate Sponsored Listings for significant growth, both during your campaign and in the long-term.

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What our partners say about Sponsored Listings


Oakwood Premier Guangzhou

“We have purchased Sponsored Listing for 3 times and got really good ROI with the program, we would recommend this program to the hotels which need really focused exposure in a certain period of time, especially during exhibitions taking place.”

March 2021