This article will help you to set up your bank account to start receiving payments via Telex Transfer (Bank Transfer).

* Telex transfer (Bank Transfer) is not offered in all markets/currencies (subject to availability)

How do I set up my bank account?

  1. Log in to your YCS account and select Finance.
  2. Select My Payment Accounts menu.

3. Click Create to open the bank account form.

4. Fill in all required details that are highlighted in yellow. After selecting the bank location, click Save.

5. Click Choose File to upload all the required documents as below:

  • Proof of the bank account ownership (bank book, online statement, bank statement and canceled cheque) that clearly shows bank account name and bank account number.
  • Government-issued IDs matching the Account Holder’s name (ONLY for personal accounts)
  • Refer to this file for examples of valid supporting documents.

6. After the submission, the status will be displayed as Pending until our approval, which will be informed via an email within 5 business days. It is not possible for us to expedite the review process to ensure that all reviews are being done properly.

  • If the status has not changed after 5 business days, please contact us for further assistance. Please ensure that you use an Agoda registered account to prevent any delays.
  • Once the status is Approved, you’ll be able to settle your payments. For a step-by-step guide, please refer to here. After approval, any subsequent changes will revert the status back to “Pending” which may take an additional 5 business days.

  • In the case of Rejected status, please revise and amend the account details before creating a new one. Our Finance team will contact you to confirm the required updates. Click here to read more about why your bank account is Rejected.

Bank account requirements

Please be aware of the following bank account requirements when setting up your bank account.

  • Fund transfer and ATM slips are NOT valid as required documents. This applies for both personal and corporate bank accounts.

* Attention: Information such as credit card data, password/credentials are high risk data and should be handle in a stringent manner. Sharing such data via email or any unsecure channel is prohibited.

  • Only English alphabetical and numeric characters (0-9) can be accepted. (Local languages are not accepted)
  • Special characters are not allowed (such as = ! “ $ % & : * < > ; , # { } [ ] \ _ ^ | ~ @).

If your bank account details contain “&” (ampersand) please replace with text format as “and”.

(The only exception is Local Beneficiary Name and Local Bank name for China and Local Beneficiary Name for Japan)

  • The Bank Account Name field in the YCS extranet needs to match the account name on the supporting documents.
  • Account holder’s name, account name, and bank name must be visible on supporting documents. If it is a corporate bank account, the account holder’s name should be under the corporate name as well.
  • Supporting documents are accepted in your local language; however, if your bank can provide your bank statement in English, you may submit it as well.
  • If your bank account is still pending or gets rejected, please amend the details by following the steps in How do I modify my bank account?

How do I modify my submission? 

We do not recommend you modify your submission as it will restart the submission date. However, if you would like to modify your current bank account details, follow the steps below:

  1. After you submitted the modification via YCS >> Finance >> My Payment Accounts and click Edit. You may also upload new documents.
  2. Once our Finance team has reviewed all the details, they will verify the account, and notify you via email to confirm the modification has been approved.
  3. Your bank account status will turn to Approved in YCS, and you’ll be able to start submitting payments via Finance.

What should I do if my bank account is rejected?

Once your bank account request has been reviewed, our Finance team will reach out to you to provide more details that are specific to your case via email.

Please note that you should not modify your existing bank account submission request. If you cancel the request and create a new submission, your request will revert to “new” status and approval may take an additional 5 business days.

The common reasons for rejection are:

  1. Invalid character input: Check Bank account requirements for more information
  2. Missing supporting documents: Please refer to this file
  3. Incorrect bank account name: Your bank account name should match the one in the supporting documents.
  4. Incorrect bank account number or IBAN

Make sure that you have read the Bank account requirements and Specific requirements for each country carefully before you update your bank account information.

Specific requirements for each country


Field Name

Specific Mandatory Requirement

Australia Branch code 6 digits, example: 123456
China Local Bank Name Bank and branch name in Chinese
Local Beneficiary Name Beneficiary name in Chinese
Account holder or beneficiary address

Must be filled in, 2 lines:

  • Line 1: Building number, road, district (30-35 digits)
  • Line 2: City, Province, Country (30-35 digits)
India IFSC 11 digits and in capital letters only, example: HDFC1234567
Swift code *Required only if the property currency is USD
Indonesia Bank account name Must be matched with the name registered with the bank
Japan Account number 7 digits, example: 0012345
Bank code 4 digits example: 1234
Branch code 3 digits example:  123
Local beneficiary name
  1. Uppercase only.
  2. Must match with the name registered with the bank and in half-width Katakana. (If registered in English, please fill letters in all capital English)
  3. Use hyphen (-) from English keyboard.
  4. Use legal abbreviation terms such as カ)
Bank Account Type “Savings” or “Current” only (must be matched with the bank book)
Philippines Account holder or beneficiary address

Must be filled in, 3 lines:

  • Line1: Room No./Office Name, Building Name/House no., Street, Subdivision/Barangay
  • Line 2: District, Town, City Name
  • Line 3: Province, and ZIP/postal code
Russia Bank code RU+ Bank’s BIK code, example: RU123456789
Account holder or beneficiary address

For Line 3:

  • Input hotel KPP code for corporate; format as KPP+code, example:  KPP123456789
  • Input hotel INN code for individual; format as INN+ code, example:  INN123456789012(Both bank code and INN/KPP usually can be found in hotel’s bank supporting documents)
Singapore Swift code Must be in 11-digit format, example: DBSSSGSGXXX
Thailand Bank code 7 digits (bank code will pop up automatically based on the bank name selected)

Bank account fill-in instructions

Refer to the table below for the definition and instructions of each field.

Field Name


Bank location Country where the bank is located.
Local Beneficiary Name The name written in the bank supporting documents provided, in the local language.
Account holder or beneficiary name The name of the account holder as written in the bank supporting documents provided.
Account holder or beneficiary address The address of the account holder as written in the bank supporting documents provided.
Bank Account Name The name of the account holder as written in the bank supporting documents provided.
Bank Account No. The number associated with the account holder as written in the bank supporting documents provided.
Swift code An 8–11-character code that identifies banks worldwide, example: ASCBVNVX. Contact your bank to request their SWIFT code.
IBAN No. Codes that identify bank accounts internationally; IBAN should start with country code, followed by a number, example: GB12345678912345678912. Contact your bank to request their IBAN code.
Bank Name Name of beneficiary bank.
Local Bank Name Name of beneficiary bank and branch written in local language/characters.
Bank code A unique identification code for a particular bank.
Branch code A unique identification code for a particular bank branch.
Bank Account Type Type of bank account. Please check your bank passbook or contact your bank to confirm your account type.
Currency National currency that this account can receive.
Bank Address Physical address of the bank.
Status Approved — The bank account is approved.
Rejected — The bank account has been rejected and we have sent you an email with additional details.
Pending — The bank account information has been received and is pending review by Agoda’s finance team.

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