This article will outline all the necessary information to complete the registration process on Agoda.


Registration Process

There is no sign-up fee or membership cost to list your property on Agoda. Here’s how to sign up:

Step 1. Visit

Step 2. Click “Sign up for FREE Now!”

Step 3: Fill in the basic information and click submit.

  • You will then receive a confirmation email to the registered email address.

Step 5: Log in to YCS with your registered email address.

Step 6: Complete the 6-step registration process. For registration steps, see How can I complete my Property Profile?

Step 7: Once you submit your registration, Agoda will conduct a review of your property before confirming activation, and you will receive our contract via e-mail.


Basic information

Field Name Instructions
Property type Choose a property type from the dropdown list. If you are not sure about a selection, a description will instantly show up when you hover over each property type.
Number of rooms Enter the correct number of rooms in your property
Main contact name Enter the name of the person in charge
Email address Enter an email address for communication between the contact person and Agoda
Password Create a password to log into our systems


Complete your registration

Field name Instructions
Property name Enter the name of your property in English. Detailed article link
Location Country, State/Province, City, ZIP/Post code and street address are mandatory. County is a required field if it’s available in your country
Non-English property name Provide your property name in the local language, if any
Star rating Rating can be official or unofficial. Detailed article link
Role Enter the role of main contact person
Language preference Select a language you prefer to use for communication
Property website Provide the URL if your property has its own official website
Channel manager Select YES if you use any channel manager software to manage your property, e.g. Siteminder, Yunzhanggui. Detailed article link
Chain Select YES if your property is part of a hotel chain.
Online bookings per month Enter how many room nights your property receives from all online channels.
License number Enter the official registration number of your property


Existing users

If the email you use exists in our system, you can log into YCS directly.

If you would like to register another property, once logged in you can select Create new property from the drop-down list under your property name in the upper right corner and follow the process mentioned above.


Frequently Asked Questions

If I have only one room to rent out, can I still register with Agoda?

We suggest you register as an Agoda Homes property if you would like to rent out only 1 room. You can check on this link here for further information on Agoda Homes.

What if I obtain an official star rating after submitting my registration?

You can always contact us to modify the star rating by providing supporting documents.  More information on how you can update star ratings can be viewed here.


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