Registration Process

  1. Go to
  2. Click List your place
  3. Select Accommodation Type by clicking on either List my HOME orList my HOTEL.
  4. Next, click on Confirm to start the onboarding process.
  5. Fill in your account details, and then click Create account. Select Sign in if you already have an Agoda account.
  6. Provide information for the 7 categories to set up a profile.
    • Basics: Provide an overview of the property details. Additional cancellation policies can be added after the property is published.
    • Location: Specify the whereabouts of the property.
    • Facilities: Ensure that at least three facilities are listed and described.
    • Rooms and details: Add the initial set of rooms with their respective details. Note that more rooms can be added later with adjusted names and availability once the property is published.
    • Photos: Upload a minimum of three property photos and one room photo.
    • Profile: Enter the contact information for the property. Specify your preferred payment preferences.
    • Publish: Confirm agreement to the global terms and conditions before publishing the property.

Upon completion of your profile, it will undergo a verification process by Agoda’s fraud validation system, which typically takes up to 72 hours. During this process, your property will not be live.

If I have only one room to rent out, can I still register with Agoda?

We suggest you register as an Agoda Homes property if you would like to rent out only 1 room. You can check on this link here for further information on Agoda Homes.

What if I obtain an official star rating after submitting my registration?

You can always contact us to modify the star rating by providing supporting documents.  More information on how you can update star ratings can be viewed here.

How can I log in as an existing user?

If you are already registered with us using your email, you can log in to YCS directly. Once logged in, you have the option to register another property. To do so, simply select “New Hotel Approval” from the drop-down list located under your property name in the upper-right corner. Follow the mentioned process to complete the registration of your new property.