Agoda Special Offers

Join our biggest marketing push and present exciting deals to attract guests worldwide, generating 5x more bookings and additional ancillary earnings.


Agoda Special Offers Features & Benefits


Dedicated filter and badge

Benefit from greater discoverability with a unique badge and dedicated search filter designed to highlight your property as a curated choice. Connect with travelers looking for exclusive deals and extraordinary experiences.


Captivating carousel display

Take center stage on Agoda with our carousel display feature, showcasing your exciting perks and fascinating facilities. Memorable photos and benefits descriptions elevate the shopping experience, inviting travelers to explore beyond the ordinary stay.


Signature Coupons & Deals page

Make your mark on our signature landing page, where your property’s promotions are featured through various marketing initiatives and exclusive PR.


Higher booking value

Generate up to 2x higher average booking value, ensuring that every stay contributes more to your revenue. Increased Average Daily Rate (ADR) and strengthened guest loyalty are just the beginning.


Facility utilization

Meet guests’ desires for additional benefits and enjoy higher utilization of your property’s ancillary products, services, and facilities. Offer value-added perks to increase guest indulgence in onsite spending. After all, a superior stay leads to glowing reviews and a star-studded reputation.

Offer more than just a room! Leap ahead of your competition by featuring exclusive deals and exciting perks that have demonstrated a 5x average increase in bookings. Your property’s value-added benefits foster an environment for guest satisfaction, leading to increased ancillary earnings and repeat visits. Strategic filters, badges, and enticing visual representation of your property increase its appeal, contributing to higher booking value and attracting a global audience.

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