Agoda Growth Express

The most dynamic growth tool, EVER. Create engaging campaigns designed to connect directly with travelers, elevate your presence, and maintain full control.


Agoda Growth Express Features & Benefits


High-opportunity windows

Transform seasonal peaks into peak opportunities with targeted campaigns that spotlight key dates. Capitalize on demand surges and market trends relevant to your property. Optimize visibility during holidays, festivals, or local events and maintain control over your expenditure.


Strategic segment selection

Create various campaigns to focus on different traveler segments. Align with regional dynamics by attracting multi-origin international customers or focus on domestic travelers looking for a staycation. Precise targeting invites a diverse mix of guests tailored to your property’s unique offerings.


Lead time targeting

Leverage data-driven insights to understand and anticipate your guests’ booking behaviors. Manage incoming reservations proactively while optimizing your availability and rates to best fit future travel trends. Keep one step ahead of your competition and become a leader in the industry.


Focused flexibility

Keep track of multiple campaigns through detailed reports into marketing effectiveness and calculate your Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). Empower your property with market intelligence and gain insights on your competitors to achieve a strategic advantage.


Enhance visibility and earnings

Craft a distinct identity to ensure travelers associate your brand with excellence. Achieve standout notability with a Trending badge that can help to boost views and conversion, significantly enhancing booking numbers. Grow your revenue, stand out from your competitors, and cement your market position.

Step into the spotlight and watch your property become a favored choice among domestic and international travelers. Properties leveraging AGX have enjoyed a dramatic 6.3x increase in impressions, translating directly into increased bookings. Get noticed by the right customers at the right time, ensuring that your property captures attention, builds your brand, and elevates revenue. Master your occupancy and profitability while remaining in control of your marketing expenditure.

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