Agoda Boost Campaign

Boost your visibility and draw in guests with smart discounts, retaining full rate control and effortlessly amplifying your property’s appeal.


Agoda Boost Campaign Features & Benefits


Empowered personalization

Tailor your marketing initiatives with the Custom Campaign option, enabling precision targeting and budget management, putting you in the driver’s seat. Maintain control over your spending and allocate your marketing resources more effectively.


Enhanced booking potential

Fill your rooms without slashing prices! Our strategic discounts work behind the scenes to increase bookings without affecting your Average Daily Rate (ADR), ensuring revenue protection.


Smart spending

Enjoy powerful marketing tactics with no hidden fees or additional commissions. Our cost-effective promotional tool is a financially smart choice for ramping up your property’s appeal.


Dynamic market alignment

Engage with collective campaigns that adapt to evolving market conditions and customer behaviors. The Featured Campaign option provides your property the chance to be part of bigger, bolder movements that resonate with dynamic trends while keeping you in the spotlight.


Stand out with confidence

Gain confirmed exposure with campaign badges that grab attention and signal special offers. Distinguish your property from competitors and ensure that travelers can’t miss your exciting offers.

Elevate your property’s booking rate with Agoda Boost Campaign (ABC) through smart discounts, where you maintain control over your profits. Enjoy the spotlight with special badges and join a program that flexibly matches your market’s pulse, without additional commissions or fees. Activating ABC ensures that you stay ahead in a dynamic market, adapting and aligning with the latest travel trends. Remain relevant and visible, all with the assurance of cost transparency.

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