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This article will provide a guideline to manage guests from Agoda for a proper check-in process.

What is Needed for Agoda Customers to Check-In? 

Here is a checklist for you to ensure that a booking is confirmed before allowing guests to check in:

  • Booking confirmation: The customer should present the booking confirmation voucher (Soft/hard copy).
  • ID verification: The customer checking in should present an ID with the same name as on the booking confirmation.
  • Booking notification: You will receive a booking hotel confirmation voucher from Agoda. Check to see that there have been no other communications from Agoda regarding any booking status changes.

Any bookings made through Agoda will be reviewed and verified to prevent any fraudulent activity.

Be sure to verify the identity of each person who checks in for a stay, ensuring that the person is the correct guest or another authorized person named in the booking.

What does an Agoda Confirmation Voucher look like?

 For Hotels:


Security deposits 

  • You are advised to secure a room deposit from guests upon check-in, which must be refundable upon check-out, to insure against property damage.
  • You may add a property policy on Agoda website to inform customers of this policy.
  • Agoda will not be responsible for any damage done to your property during any guests’ stay.
  • Agoda will not be able to collect security deposits on your behalf.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What should I do if the guest arrives, but I can’t find any reservation details? 

You may reach out to the Agoda Customer Service team to check on the booking status.

If you find that the booking status is canceled, please inform the guest to contact Agoda Customer Service team for follow-up and additional assistance.

What should I do if a guest insists on check-in, but fails to provide identification to match the booking details?  

We suggest you secure the booking payment with a security deposit, and then contact the Agoda Customer Service team for further investigation.


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