Sustainability – a hospitality handbook

Embracing sustainable travel together

Travel does great things. It helps us discover our world, gives us new experiences and connects us with other cultures. It makes memories. It reunites us with familiar faces, forges new friendships and teaches us about ourselves.

But it can have consequences, too. From pollution and the destruction of natural habitats to overcrowding and strain on local infrastructure. We know that hospitality professionals, travellers and locals alike are already feeling the impact of unsustainable travel.

This is especially troubling for those of us in the travel industry, since it’s the very things travellers love most about destinations that are at the highest risk. That makes sustainability not just an ethical priority, but a business one.

At Booking Holdings, we’re committed to making sustainable travel the way to experience the world. And we can’t do that without our partners. This is why Agoda has been working with to make this sustainability handbook, first published by, available on the Agoda Partner Hub.

How to use this guide

Think of this guide as your sustainable hospitality handbook. We’re working with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and other sustainability experts to share what properties like yours can do to make positive change in the industry.

Each section of this guide focuses on a different sustainable initiative you can introduce at your property – no matter its size, type or location.

We’ll keep adding to the list of initiatives over time, so check back regularly for updates.

Setting the environmental baseline

Written in collaboration with
Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

Reducing plastic consumption

Written in collaboration with
Travel Without Plastic

Reducing water consumption

Written in collaboration with
Innovation Lighthouse

Reducing energy consumption and using green energy


Reducing food waste

Written in collaboration with

Becoming certified

Written in collaboration with
Dr. Anna Spenceley