Beds Network

Reach new heights in hospitality by maximizing reach and optimizing your rate distribution to support your business objectives and scale your operations.


Beds Network Features & Benefits


Global reach

Gain unprecedented exposure and increase bookings by tapping into one of the strongest and fastest-growing distribution networks, with over 10,000 partners worldwide. Elevate your property’s visibility and attract a vast, varied market with ease.


Revenue growth

Empower your property and craft the ideal pricing strategy tailored precisely to your business needs. Have the flexibility to choose between static and dynamic rates, providing peace of mind by ensuring control over your pricing strategy. Maximize your revenue potential, simplify operational management, and propel your financial gains upward!


Effortless operations

Streamline your daily tasks and let Beds Network handle the heavy lifting on rate updates. Dedicate your time to curating exceptional guest experiences, knowing that the back-end processes are in trusted hands.

Excel in the industry with Beds Network! Offering unparalleled benefits for property owners looking to enhance their reach, streamline operations, and maximize revenue. With a global network of partners, flexible rate management options, and seamless payment processes, Beds Network provides peace of mind and effortless growth opportunities. Experience the convenience of managing your property’s distribution effectively while attracting customers from all corners of the globe.

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