Digital travel platform Agoda looks into Thailand’s most booked destinations over the past two years, (year-end June 2020 compared to year-end June 2021), and while Agoda’s booking data still shows Bangkok (#1), Pattaya (#2), and Chiang Mai (#3) as the top three most booked domestic destinations in Thailand, the booking data also reveals a shift towards lesser known destinations, as domestic travel dominated travel agendas, and adventurous Thai’s looked for more off-the-beaten track domestic destinations.

Shift in domestic travel choices

Agoda compared booking data to identify destination trends and found Khao Lak saw the biggest jump moving 23 spots to #22, Nakhon Nayok moved up 15 places to #46, and Sukhothai landed at #30, jumping 14 spots. These destinations might not (yet) be in the domestic top ten but they signified Thai travellers’ desire to seek new domestic experiences. Additionally, top 20 movers included Nakhon Si Thammarat moving up from #20 to #12, while Koh Chang entered the top 20, skipping up from 23rd to 18th spot.

New destinations piquing Thai travelers interests

During the past year, when domestic tourism became more popular, Thai travelers got more adventurous in their travels, and this saw new destinations joining the top 50 including Koh Kood (#44), Nakhon Nayok (#46), Lopburi (#49), and Loei (#50).

Koh Kood is a beautiful tropical paradise on the Eastern Seaboard, known for its unspoiled beaches and relaxing atmosphere. Nakhon Nayok is the perfect escape for city-dwellers who need a short break away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and like visiting waterfalls, temples, and cafés. Lopburi and the nearby Pasak Jolasid dam, the longest clay dam in Thailand, are popular for more than its famous monkeys, with the Khok Tum community market a popular hang-out. Loei is best-known for its rolling hills and stunning views, attracting many people for a peaceful break.

Top ten domestic travel destinations 2021

Between June 2020 and 2021, Phuket and Chonburi dropped marginally in the top ten, both slipping one spot. Meanwhile more off-beat destinations like Kanchanaburi knocked Chiang Rai out the top 10 in 2021. Overall, the top ten destinations continue to be dominated by Thailand’s most popular and well-known holiday beach and coastal destinations.

Conversely the destinations that saw the sharpest dips in ranking for domestic travel are Koh Phi Phi, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Koh Lanta, and Pai, slipping more than ten spots in the ranking.