Company: A campaign in which aims to increase awareness and interest of certain markets towards Tochigi in Japan.


Challenge: The Tochigi campaign aims to increase awareness for tourism in destinations in Tochigi, Japan by showcasing the region’s attractions through display advertising and content marketing. It features recommended hotels, activities, and dining options to attract more visitors and highlight Tochigi’s unique culture and natural beauty.





– Use Agoda Media Solutions as content marketing and media partner to promote Tochigi campaign.

– Display banners were used in not only increasing the awareness but also redirecting users on Agoda to the fully customized travel guide.

– A fully customized on-platform travel guide was used as a content marketing service to cover all the essential elements of the user’s journey on Agoda to Tochigi campaign. This tailored travel guide provided comprehensive information and guidance to potential customers in 4 local languages and targeted based on 3 destinations (Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan).


2M impressions were delivered to their media banners with 100% successfully served.

1.4M Users reached.

1,127 Clicks on the Tochigi Banners.

Average of 74% increase for destination search uplift generated during the campaign.

1,324 Incremental Search generated.



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