Company: A campaign in which four properties joined under the same goal of promoting Japan as a destination.


Challenge: Japan Nice View Co-Op campaign wanted to promote tourism in Japan as a tourist destination in collaboration with their 4 properties by highlighting the country’s stunning scenery and the hospitality of the area.







– Use Agoda Media Solutions as a content marketing and media partner to promote the Japan Nice View Co-Op Campaign.

– Using Agoda Media Solutions’ 1st party proprietary data/ Travel Trends helped achieve optimal campaign engagement and effectiv

e display for Japan Nice View Co-Op Campaign’s banners to targeted audiences, ensuring maximum engagement levels.

– A custom on-platform travel guide (as part of content marketing offering), helped cover all aspects of the user journey on Agoda to the Japan Nice View Co-Op Campaign.


400k impressions were delivered to their media banners with 100% successfully served.

X5.5 Return on Ad Spend were generated by these banners for Japan Nice View Co-Op Campaign with 4 properties participating.

0.12% Click-Through-Rate onto their Agoda Hotel Page.

Average of 59% increase for demand uplift during the campaign.




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