Company: Radisson Blu is a hotel located in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.


Challenge: Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions, Radisson Blu Dubai had seen a severe decline in international travelers. To counteract this, they shifted their focus to boosting domestic bookings by leveraging both their brand awareness and performance.








– Use Agoda Media Solutions as a content marketing and media partner to promote Radisson Blu in Dubai.

– Using Agoda Media Solutions’ 1st party proprietary data/Travel Trends achieved optimal campaign engagement and effectively displayed Radisson Blu’s banners to the targeted audience, ensuring maximum engagement levels.

– A custom on-platform travel guide (as part of content marketing offering) helped cover the aspects of the user journey on Agoda to Radisson Blu Dubai.


295K impressions were delivered to their Media banners with 100% successfully served.

x2.3 Return on Ads Spent were generated by these banners for Radisson blue with 8 properties participated.

With an average of 32% increase for demand uplift during the campaign




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