Company: Sono Hotel is a hotel located in South Korea.


Challenge: The Sono hotel was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic’s travel restrictions, and decided to offset their international losses by increasing their market share in South Korea through leveraging brand awareness and performance.







– Use Agoda Media Solutions as content marketing and media partner to promote Sono Hotel in South Korea to specific markets.

– A fully customized on-platform travel guide was used as a content marketing service to cover all the essential elements of the user’s journey on Agoda to the Sono Hotel. This tailored travel guide provided comprehensive information and guidance to potential customers, ensuring that they had a smooth and satisfying experience while planning their trip and staying at the hotel.


2,000,000 impressions were delivered to their Media banners.

x13.45 Return on Ads Spent were generated by these banners for Sono hotels with 16 properties participated.

With an average of 23% increase for demand uplift during the campaign.



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