• Getting good deals, cancellation flexibility and hotels with hygiene measures in place are the most important considerations for Israelis right now when planning a vacation abroad
  • And what do we miss the most? The spontaneity of last minute vacations, taking a complete holiday from work, and the excitement and anticipation before vacation

After the last year of spending summer vacations and the holiday seasons at home, many Israelis are planning a vacation for the upcoming September holidays. A new survey conducted this week by Agoda.com, through the Geocartography Institute, highlights the trends and preferences of Israelis when planning a vacation in these post-Covid-19 times, and what they take into consideration when making travel decisions.

According to Agoda’s survey, almost one-fifth of Israelis cite getting a good price deal as the most important consideration when planning a vacation for their travel bookings (17.9%). Flexibility in canceling their bookings (16.7%) ranked as the second most important consideration for Israelis followed by accommodation with hygiene measures in place (16.3%). Restrictions at the destination, such as the need to wear mask, is the least important consideration for Israelis (5%).

On what Israeli’s vacation plans are now more likely to involve, compared to pre-pandemic vacations, 43% indicated they would more likely take domestic vacations. while explore nature more ranked second (18%), and a relaxing beach vacation came in third (14%). Interestingly, 11% are now more likely to vacation overseas. An active vacation (e.g. hiking, water sports) was the least popular choice for Israelis (5%).

The spontaneity of last-minute travel is the top thing Israelis miss (36%) because of the pandemic. Close to one in four people (24%) miss work life balance and taking a complete holiday from work, while 17% miss the excitement and anticipation experienced before a trip.

Omri Morgenstern, Agoda Chief Operating Officer, said: “It’s no surprise that in this tough time of the pandemic, Israelis are yearning to take a break and travel – we love to explore. But how we prefer to travel now is different from before. For example our survey found that Israelis are prioritizing domestic travel, and their accommodation choices are based on whether hotels have hygiene measures in place, such as regularly disinfecting rooms and general areas or ensuring their staff are vaccinated. They also want the flexibility to cancel their bookings if necessary with the likes of Agoda’s EasyCancel. One thing that hasn’t changed is the desire for great deals for their travel plans and it’s also our passion to ensure we deliver the best prices for domestic vacations and international destinations, such as Thailand and South East Asia, Europe or the US.”

Data deep-dive

  • Getting a good deal and no-quarantine needed upon returning to Israel were more important considerations for younger people (18-34), compared to adults (55+) who were more likely to consider cancellation flexibility and whether the destination only allows vaccinated travelers to enter.
  • Men were more likely than women to visit somewhere new and unexpected, as well as explore nature, compared to pre-covid
  • Older Israelis (55+) were more likely than other age groups to explore nature compared to pre-covid