Properties not using a channel manager

You can set up length of stay restrictions via the Agoda YCS extranet. Once logged in, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to Rates & Availability

Step 2: Select Calendar

Step 3: Select Room Type

Step 4: Select date or date range

Step 5: “Advanced” Tab

Step 6: Update Minimum/Maximum Stay

Step 7: Save


Min Stay – applies only on the arrival date

Min Night for Stay Through – applies on stay period, meaning any stay date that arrives or touches this min stay through will abide by the rules of that night throughout the entire stay

For example:

A property sets a restriction on Friday, January 1st.

Min Stay – applies only on to bookings checking in/arriving on Friday, January 1st.

Min Night for Stay Through – applies to any booking that includes Fri, Jan 1st (but not bookings checking out on Jan 1st)

Properties using a channel manager

If you work with a channel manager, you will need to set up your length of stay restrictions in their system. Please contact their support team in case you need any assistance.

Note: Updates made in your channel manager will override any changes you make in the YCS calendar.