Covid-19 took the hospitality industry by surprise. Once it struck, hoteliers began suffering losses and had to quickly learn how to navigate in an exceptionally uncertain environment. To offer our partners a steady hand through these times, we created “Hospitality Recovery”.

“Hospitality Recovery” is a webinar series hosted by Agoda’s VP of Business Development, Tim Hughes, and offers industry insights and valuable tips to keep your business strong through the crisis.

This series has so far hosted more than 5,000 properties in 7 different webinars on a wide range of topics that have included:

  • The Beginning of the Beginning: An overview on the data after Covid-19 hit
  • Revenue Management: A panel of Revenue Management experts providing tips to endure the pandemic
  • A session with Agoda’s CEO, John Brown: Personal views and insights from our CEO on the current situation hoteliers and travelers face
  • Shifting to Domestic: A panel of hoteliers gave share their experience on how they transitioned from serving a largely international audience to a more local audience
  • Insights, tools, and tips from Agoda experts: A few Agoda professionals share insights into how we combat the effects of Covid
  • Aviation recovery: Insights on the aviation industry were shared
  • Navigating Covid’s second wave with Agoda’s COO: Our Chief Operating Office discusses the 2nd wave of infections and brought light on what 2021 may bring to the hospitality industry

Do you want to participate in future editions? Visit our events section or reach out to your Market Manager for more information.

How to navigate the industry in times of uncertainty with the Hospitality Recovery Webinar Series?