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In this article, you will find all necessary information to complete the registration process.


Why is having complete content important?

What is content?

It’s all the information in your property listing — including facilities, amenities, services, reviews, and pictures. It also includes additional information like policies, notes, and your property’s description.

Why is content important?

The quality and completeness of your content will determine how many bookings you get. Travelers search Agoda every day for their perfect property. The accommodation they choose will most likely be the ones with the content that matches their needs, and what they are looking for in an ideal stay.

Remember: For travelers, your content IS your property.

Since most travelers tend to compare similarly priced properties when booking, each property’s content creates perceived value for that same price. Every item you include in your content might make the difference between getting a booking or missing a booking.


What is the Content Score?

The Content Score is Agoda’s convenient overall measure of content health for your property listing on Agoda. You can refer to the Content Score at any time as an easy way for you to see if there are any areas where your content is missing and could be improved.

The Content Score is measured by combining 4 elements:

  1. Property-level content
  2. Room-level content
  3. Photos
  4. Child policy


Property-level content

Property level content refers to the common features and offerings of your property that are accessible to all guests, such as swimming pools, fitness facilities, or restaurants. You’re encouraged to fill out and regularly update the information for all the following sections:

Hotel Facilities – Research suggests that adding more hotel facilities information can increase your bookings by up to 10%!

  • Update information about all the facilities and services provided at your property such as restaurants available, Wi-Fi, pet policy, smoking policy, car park, and more.
  • Find out more about what facilities are most important to travelers HERE.

Languages spoken – Let guests know which languages are spoken by the staff at your property. This is especially important for attracting travelers from other countries.

Sports and recreation – Guests love to know what activities they can enjoy while staying at your property.

  • Update information about fitness, swimming pool, and spa facilities.
  • Mention any special sports or activities available.

Useful information – fill out other helpful information travelers usually look for.

  • Airport transfer fee – does your property offer airport transfer? If yes, is it free or charge?
  • Breakfast fee – Is breakfast offered? Is breakfast free of charge?
  • Check-in and check-out times.


Room-level content

Room level content refers to the features and offerings of your property that are available in each room type. Room facilities, size, view, and bed configuration are key content for each room type. Make sure to update the following information:

Room facilities – Let guests know all facilities provided in the room.

  • This includes bathroom amenities like shampoo, toothbrushes, and hairbrushes, as well as mini bar or ironing equipment.

Room details – Guests want to know more about each room type.

  • Room view – Which type of view guests can see out of the window, like lake, beach, nature, ocean, street, pool, park, city?
  • Room size – What is the measurement of the room, including the balcony, in square meters?
  • Bed configuration – Which bed types are available in the room: Single bed, king bed, double bed, bunk bed?



Photos are crucial to your content score, but more importantly they matter to travelers when they’re browsing which hotels to book. You will need:

  • High quality photos, meeting the following guidelines:
    • Minimum resolution of 800 x 600
    • JPEG or PNG format only
    • Landscape orientation
    • Color photos only
  • Property-level photos– we recommend a minimum of 24 photos.
  • Room-level photos– we recommend a minimum of 4 photos per room type.


Child Policy

Your child policy can add a competitive advantage to your property. It lets guests know who is allowed at your property and determines which rooms and properties will be shown on the search page when family travelers search for rooms. If your child policy is inaccurately set, potential guests may not even see your rooms or property at all.


Where can I see my Content Score?

Your Content Score is displayed on your Production Report. There, you can see your current content performance and the breakdown of what categories of content should be added to improve the Content Score.

To view your Content Score report:

Step 1. Download the YCS Mobile Application

Step 2. Under Dashboard tab, click “Generate” and “View

Step 3. Go to the last page to see the Content Score Report

For more information about the Content Score and how to update each content elements, please refer to the Content Score Guideline.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can’t download or view the Content Score on the YCS mobile application?

If you have difficulties accessing your Content Score report on the mobile application, please contact your market manager and inform them about the issue or contact the support team via the support button on the YCS website.


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