The Agoda Growth Program (AGP) is our most comprehensive, long-term marketing program. Its objective is to maximize production and revenue through visibility growth within and beyond Agoda.

To better understand the hotelier’s perspective on AGP, the Partner Programs team launched a unique survey between December 2019 and January 2020 to have a 360-degree view of our solution. Of the overall portfolio, 7.5% gave their opinion with more than half of the respondents being decision-makers (owners, general managers, and revenue managers).

Based on the survey –

  • The top 3 reasons hoteliers joined AGP,
  • Increase occupancy
  • Improve branding and marketing
  • Optimize their yield management.
  • Satisfaction with the product, information, and support material provided,
  • Extremely Satisfied, earning a score of 9.02/10
  • Satisfaction with the product set-up,
  • Extremely Satisfied, earning a score of 9.16/10
  • Satisfaction with the program and the increase in production,
  • Satisfied, earning a score of 7.4/10

When asked the recurrence on which they reviewed and had performance tracking, 69% of the respondents stated that it was once per week or less. This helped us understand that the hotels joining the program are fully committed to their business.

We are proud to help so many properties achieve their revenue and occupancy objectives. Do you want to learn more about AGP or our other programs? Visit our Partner Solutions section or reach out to your Market Manager for more information.

Agoda Growth Program​