Content is all the information in your property listing – including facilities, amenities, services, reviews, and pictures. It also includes additional information like policies, notes, and your property’s description.

The quality and completeness of your content will determine how many bookings you get. Travelers search Agoda every day for their ‘perfect’ property. The accommodation they choose will most likely be the ones with the content that matches their needs, and what they are looking for in an ideal stay.

Since most travelers tend to compare similarly priced properties when booking, each property’s content creates perceived value for that same price. Every item you include in your content might make the difference between getting a booking or missing a booking.

Years of data and research have proven that there’s a direct relationship between complete content and customer confidence in booking. Travelers don’t like uncertainty. The more detailed information you provide, the more reassured a traveler will be that your property provides what he or she is looking for.

Therefore, more complete content leads to higher conversion, and fewer customer complaints – which leads to better reviews. Agoda’s Content Score provides an easy and direct way to measure your listing’s content completeness.