YCS App is the mobile extranet system of YCS that will help you to manage your properties in YCS quickly and easily. The application is available both on Android and iOS.


How to download the app?

Click here to download the Android version

Click here to download the iOS version


How to sign in to the app?

Step 1. Open the YCS app

Step 2. Insert your registered email address that used to manage the YCS listing on the web and click Sign In

Step 3. Verify yourself by inserting the passcode that sent to the email address

Step 4. If it is successful, you will be directed to a page to your listing page

Step 5. Click on your chosen listing to access it.

What can you do on the YCS app?

  • View production reports, industry news, and market trend insight on Dashboard
  • Manage your listing rates and availability on Allotment
  • Find and manage all your bookings on Bookings
  • Create, edit and cancel promotions – wherever you are on Promotions
  • More feature?
    • Chat even more easily with guests
    • All your reviews, accessible whenever you want
    • Get secure and hassle-free YCS access with no password needed
    • Customize your notifications any way you like
    • Read Agoda General Terms & Conditions

How to sign out from the app?

Step 1. Go to the More tab on the bottom bar

Step 2. Scroll down to the bottom

Step 3. Click on “Sign out” and you will be directed to the Sign In page again


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