When using the YCS App, you can now gain more insight into their Room Nights, Average Daily Average Rate, and Revenue performance directly from the Performance Dashboard!

The data is updated every day to reflect the changes in Competitor Set. It’s displayed by stay dates (Last 30 days, Month to date, Last 90 days, Year to date, Last 12 months), and by tapping on each item’s performance, you will be taken onto another page that details the performance with even more options to filter and compare.

Not only related to your performance dashboard, but you will also be able to see industry news and market insight such as below:

Industry News – New Information relevant to the travel industry

Market Trend Insight based on your property locations

How to view full details on Production Report?

Step 1. Click on Generate under Production Report headline on Dashboard

Step 2. It may take a few seconds for the report to generate, and during that time you will see a loading sign on the button. When the report is ready the button will change to ‘View

Step 3. Scroll down to see the details of the production report

How to share the production report via YCS App?

The Production Report share feature allows you to ‘share’ the report with other users.

Step 1. On the production report screen, click the share icon:

Step 2. The property will see the list of options wherein they can share their report with colleagues (e.g., via email, WhatsApp, Line or download it as PDF.: