Bank Account Update Japan – Updating My Bank Account in ePass Japanese/日本語


This article applies to properties located in Japan only.

In this article, you’ll find out more about requests from the Finance team to update bank account details and see how you can set up a bank account in Finance tab and what details you need to look out for Agoda to be able to approve your bank account.

Why do I need to update my bank account details?

Our Finance team is migrating payments processing to a new system, and you are required to update your bank account details. You should have received emails from our team regarding this change.

Important Note: Failure to update your details by 29 March may result in a delay in the payout.

The title of the email is Email Subject: [Action required] Please update your Bank Account details in Finance tab// [AS – 【アゴダ】《要アクション》貴施設の銀行口座情報をePassにて更新してください]

The dates that emails were sent are:

  • 1st email: Feb 8
  • 1st reminder: Feb 15
  • 2nd reminder: Mar 3
  • 3rd reminder: Mar 10
  • Final reminder: Mar 26


How do I modify my bank account?

To be able to submit payments via bank transfer, we will need to update our YCS payment page (Finance tab) to your bank account. To get all these details right, please follow the steps below while entering your bank account information:

Step 1. Start by logging in to the YCS  and opening the My Payment Accounts menu in Finance tab.

Step 2. Click on your current bank account to modify

Step 3. Please take extra attention to fill in the fields that are highlighted below

TIP: After selecting bank location, you may click save, and the system will highlight any mandatory fields in red.

Fields to be updated:

  • Bank Code (4-digit number)
  • Branch Code (3-digit number)
  • Beneficiary name (Please ensure that this exactly matches with your registered bank account name. If your bank account name is in Japanese, please provide it in half-width Katakana format. If it’s in English, please provide it to us in English)


  • All characters have to be in upper case Katakana or English and alphanumeric. It cannot contain lower case Katakana or English.
  • Long vowels have to be indicated by English hyphen ”-“
  • Brackets have to be in half-byte
  • Bullet “・” have to be replaced by English period “.

After submitting the account details, the status will first be displayed as Pending until our Finance Team reviews the details and the ownership documents.

Required documents:

  • Proof of bank account ownership (bank book, online statement, bank statement, and canceled cheque)
  • Government-issued IDs matching the Account Holders name (ONLY for personal accounts)

Once the account is verified it will turn to Approved in YCS, and you’ll be able to start submitting payments via Finance tab.

Note: In the case of a Rejected bank account status, please revise the details and amend that account first before creating a new one. Our Finance team will contact you to confirm which details should be updated.


Bank account requirements

  • Only English alphabetical and numeric characters (0-9) can be accepted
  • Special characters are not allowed (i.e. = ! “ $ % & : * < > ; , # { } [ ] \ _ ^ | ~ @). If your bank account details contain “&” (ampersand) please replace with text format as “and.”
  • Please send supporting documents of the bank account ownership (bank book, online statement, bank statement, and canceled cheque) to to speed up the approval process. Fund transfer and ATM slips are NOT valid. This is applied to both personal and corporate bank account.
  • Please use the email subject “Bank Approval_[your property ID]_[your property name].”
  • The “Bank Account Name” field in the extranet needs to match the account name on the supporting documents.
  • The account holder’s name, account name, and bank name must be visible on supporting documents. If it is a corporate bank account, the account holder’s name should be under the corporate name as well.
  • Supporting documents are accepted in your local language, however, if your bank can provide your bank statement in English, you may submit it as well.
  • If your bank account is still pending or gets rejected, please amend the details and send a confirmation to so the account can be validated again.
  • Russian accounts should always insert their V.O. number in the third line (postal code) of the Beneficiary address for the account to be approved. The V.O. code is a mandatory five-digit code approved by the Central Bank of Russia.


Bank account approval process

Please note that you should update your current bank account information instead of creating a new bank account to avoid further delay in processing your upcoming payments. The process to approve updated bank details takes 2 working days in Thailand.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at with the email subject “Bank account approval” and Hotel ID (e.g Bank account approval – HID 123456). Please kindly note that replies to this email address are not monitored.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Why I can’t see the Finance tab in my YCS?

Please ensure your payment method is under bank transfer, if you recently request to sitch payment methods, you will only see the Finance tab when the change is completed.

Please use the account with Finance access to log in, an account without Finance access is not able to see the Finance tab in YCS. You can request access by reaching out to Agoda accommodation support via the “Need Help” button in YCS.

Where do I modify my bank account information?

Please log in to YCS with an authorized username and password, and access the “My Payment Account” page via the Finance menu. Click on the current bank account to modify.

Can I register a new bank account instead of modifying the original one?

Yes, you may register a new bank account, however, we highly suggest modifying the original one as it can help save time.

Must I provide bank supporting documents as a reference for the bank account approval process?

If only modifying an additional requirement with the original bank account, then no documents are required.

If adding a new bank account, documents are required.

Do I need to send a confirmation email back to Agoda after modifying the bank account?

No email is required, however, if adding a new bank account, please send an email to with the email subject “Bank account approval” and Hotel ID (e.g Bank account approval – HID 123456) for the review process by Agoda Finance.

What is the correct bank account supporting documents?

Documents may include a copy of the bank book, bank statements, a screenshot of the account statement from an online portal, canceled cheque with clearly displayed bank account information.