Hong Kong – Quarantine Hotels Chinese (HK)/中文 (香港)

This article contains important information that applies if your hotel inventory is currently being sold as a quarantine hotel in Hong Kong.

What is a quarantine hotel?

Becoming a quarantine hotel means that your property will accept foreign guests who are coming from abroad and have to quarantine when they arrive in Hong Kong

Please note that Agoda will coordinate with the government of Hong Kong on specifications and requirements, and information in this article may change or be updated in the future.

Agoda will assist in helping to drive exposure for your hotel to potential quarantine guests.

Quarantine hotels will be displayed via a special link on the Agoda website from January 2021 onwards.


How can customers search for quarantine hotels?

Agoda will have a special funnel on our website to display quarantine hotels. This will mean that all hotels currently available as quarantine hotels will be visible to the customer, subject to availability and other Terms & Conditions.


What are the current requirements for quarantine bookings?

Package Details: Customers will be offered a range of packages. The standard requirements are below:

Currently, packages must offer:

  • 21 nights or 14 nights minimum stay  (quarantine period)
  • The Length of Stay is confirmed by the Government and Agoda and Customers must follow these guidelines
  • The required Length of Stay depends on the Customer country of origin
  • Please refer to the following article which is maintained by the Hong Kong Government https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/eng/high-risk-places.html
  • 3 meals a day
  • Government transfer from airport to hotel
  • COVID-19 tests that usually take place on the 12th and 19th or 20th day of the stay
  • Hospital transfer if needed

It may be possible to include additional benefits in your packages, such as complimentary welcome minibar (with no alcohol), yoga mats or gym materials, extra meals (e.g. afternoon tea), free consultation with doctors, and other items that will make the quarantine stay more comfortable for your guest.


Booking flow for quarantine bookings

It is important to note that confirming quarantine bookings require additional steps. You should have already been briefed on the requirements by the government of Hong Kong.

Once a booking is received, Agoda requires you to:

Step 1. Check all booking details and confirm that you can accommodate the guest.

Step 2. Once confirmed, please click the green Acknowledge this booking button on the voucher.

Step 3. Please communicate to customers in advance on any restrictions, such as not being allowed to go to common areas, receiving food deliveries, or visitors, or leaving their rooms.

Important Note: As these bookings are subject to additional conditions, Agoda CEG department will contact you 3 days before the customer is due to stay to confirm room availability and that required documents have been received.


Frequently asked questions

Where can I find out more details?

Please check the following website controlled by the government of Hong Kong for resources about quarantine hotels https://www.coronavirus.gov.hk/eng/index.html

What happens if a quarantine hotel cannot honor a booking?

Please relocate the customer to another quarantine hotel:

  • If the relocated hotel has a cheaper package, the hotel must refund the difference
  • If the relocated hotel has a more expensive package, the customer will not pay the extra amount
  • If you cannot relocate, then Agoda will find the closest priced package available and the hotel will pay the difference (if any).

Can I provide my guests with a tax invoice?

Yes, you can provide your guests with a tax invoice.