How to access the promotion page

You can go to YCS > Rates & Availability > Promotions.

How to create a promotion

Step 1. Log in to YCS.

Step 2. Go to Rates & Availability tab.

Step 3. Select Promotions.

Step 4. Click +Create a Promotion.

Step 5. Select your Promotion template.

Step 6. Fill in discount and restriction.

Step 7. Click Create Promotion.

Which promotion types can I choose?

Many Promotion Types are available for you. Select one that will match your sell needs, or simply start with a Customized Promotion.

What are the requirements for creating a promotion?

The basic requirements are Sale dates, Stay dates and a discount. There are more functions that can also be applied. Find more about Features and Definitions here.

How to edit a promotion

Simply go to Rates & Availability > Promotions > All Promotions > Active > Click on the promotion you would like to edit, or you can search for a promotion in the search box> Edit promotion. Expired promotions will be located in the Inactive/Expired promotions section. Clicking to extend will reactivate that promotion. By default, a “Forever” sale date and stay date will be preselected.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will the promotion take effect?

After creation, your promotion will instantly display on the website and be available to customers based on the criteria you provided.

How does the cancellation policy in the promotion work?

A promotion’s cancellation policy overwrites all the other cancellation policies.

Can I add restriction to promotions?

Blackout days, cancellation policy, and other restrictions can be added in the Add restriction section.

How do I know if my promotion is working?

You can see the visibility of your promotion (number of views), the number of bookings made under the promotion, the lengths of stay, and the amount of revenue generated from that promotion.