Agoda’s Content Score provides an easy and direct way to measure your listing’s content completeness.

The Content Score is split into five categories:

  • Property-level content
  • Room-level content
  • Property photos and Room photos
  • Child policy
  • Reviews

1. Property-level content

Hotel Facilities
Accessibility Facilities
Breakfast Facilities
Fitness Facilities
Parking Facilities
Pet Facilities
Restaurant Facilities
Security Facilities
Service Facilities
Smoking Facilities
Transportation Facilities
Wi-Fi Facilities

Sports and Recreation
Fitness Facilities
Spa Facilities
Swimming Pool Facilities

Languages Spoken

Useful Information
Airport Transfer Fee
Breakfast Fee
Check in and Check out time

2. Room-level content

Room Facilities
Balcony/Terrace Facilities
Bathroom Facilities
Climate Control Facilities
Food And Beverage Facilities
Interconnecting Room Facilities
Safety Facilities
Smoking Policy Facilities
Television Facilities

Room Details
Room View
Room Size
Bed Configuration

3. Property Photos and Room Photos

Property Photos
Minimum of 24 photos

Room Photos
Minimum of 4 photos per room type

4. Child Policy

Property-level Child Policy
Infant age range
Child age range
Children stay free on existing bedding
Extra bed required age
Minimum guest age for stay
Extra bed price
Baby cot rate per night

Room-level Child Policy
Baby cot allowed in room type
Allowed infants and children in room type
Number of infants and children allowed
Number of extra beds allowed

5. Reviews

Travelers care about what other people say about your property, especially those who recently stayed at your property. Our analysis shows that the more recent reviews you have, the more likely you will receive more bookings! Therefore, we would like to encourage a joint effort between property managers and Agoda to get reviews from our guests. You should aim for a 30% review submission rate from all review-eligible bookings from the last 365 days, or at least 200 reviews to get the full score.

Getting guests to submit reviews is not as difficult as you thought! Here are a few common practices:

  • Provide perks (such as free room upgrade, free bicycle rentals etc.) if guests are willing to submit reviews during their stay.
  • Provide perks (such as farewell pack/drinks etc.) for guests who are willing to submit reviews during check-out.
  • Remind guests to leave reviews on Agoda if they did not submit a review during stay or check-out.


Your content score is compiled based on the following weightage,

Property Photos 25%
Room Photos 15%
Property Facilities 20%
Room Facilities 10%
Child Policy 5%
Reviews 25%
Total 100%

Your content score can be found in the YCS Extranet and your production report.

How to improve your content score?