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You may have heard or received notifications from Agoda to join campaigns that we run for partners and customers. This article will provide you the steps to enroll yourselves in the campaigns or reject the campaign.  

Agoda Campaign Introduction 

Agoda launches campaigns to help promote and boost our property partners. Agoda strives to be the best in the market and is committed to offering the best price for our customers.  

There are many different campaigns running, and partners eligible for the campaign can enroll themselves to boost their ranking on Agoda. Agoda campaigns generally come with the benefit of a ranking boost to increase visibility. 

Click here to view some of our available campaigns. 

How to join or reject Agoda campaigns? 

For every campaign, we will send the invitation to targeted partners via email blast, a YCS pop-up notification, and/or app notification.  

For every notification received, please read through the email sent to you. Some campaigns require a response for you to enroll, and some campaigns require a response to reject the campaign activation for your property. This term will be clearly stated in the notification that you receive.  

Depending on the campaign, you will typically be able to respond by: 

  • Clicking on the available link  
  • Submitting a survey 

Below are some examples of notifications or invitations that you may see in our campaign notice: 

Click to JOIN!

Click to REJECT!   

Can I change my decision after taking an action? 

If you have acted based on the campaign instruction but would like to reverse it, you will need to get in touch with one of our team members to change the action submitted.  

If your property is managed by one of our Market Managers, reach out to them directly for assistance regarding the campaign.  

If your property is not managed, you may reach out to our Accommodation Support team using this channel <here>. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

I heard about a campaign from one of my acquaintances managing their property on Agoda and I am interested to join. However, I did not receive any notification on this campaign. What should I do? 

Thank you for your interest! If you have not received any invitation for the campaign, please reach out to us using the above contact method and we will be happy to discuss this campaign with you.  


I received the notification for a campaign, but I did not manage to respond in time to reject it. It is now activated for my property. How can I remove it? 

Should you need to respond to the invitation after the deadline given on the notification, you may request activation or deactivation by reaching out to our team using this channel <here>. 

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