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From 21st February 2020, travelers will be able to book stays of up to 90 nights through Agoda. Our internal data shows that properties with Long Stay discounts get an average of 89% more bookings.


Long Stay Feature Overview

Previously, Agoda only allows customers to book up to 30 days. After conducting some studies, we found that a longer period of stays could create more bookings for properties!

We have added this feature on Agoda to allow our partner’s businesses to expand with us. This feature will allow customers to book for up to 90 nights on Agoda for your property.


Managing the Feature on YCS

You will be able to manage the maximum number of nights available for bookings on YCS.

Step 1. Go to Rates & Availability> Rate Plan Setup

Step 2. Click on your desired rate plans

Step 3. Under “Restrictions” tab, add numbers up to 90 on the Maximum Length of Stay (Max LOS) section

Step 4. Click Save


Enabling Long Stay Promotion via Email Notification 

If you have received our email notification on the Long-Term Rental promotion, you may click on the “Create Long Stay Promotion” and the promotion will be activated for 30% discount for bookings more than 28 days.


Setting Up Long Stay Promotion Manually

If you want to get the maximum advantage over your competition, we recommend setting your discount at 30% for a minimum stay of 28 nights.  

Step 1. Go to Rates & Availability> Promotions

Step 2. Click on Create a New Promotion

Step 3. Select Long Stays

Step 4. Click on “Confirm Promotion Type”

Step 5. Adjust the promotion amount and duration accordingly

Step 6. Click on “Create Promotion”


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I turn off the promotion anytime?

Absolutely! You can deactivate the promotion anytime you like, simply go to Rates & Availability> Promotions.

Can I change the discount rate for long stay guests?

Setting up the discount rate is totally up to you! We recommend 30% to maximum advantage however you can adjust it anytime.


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