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Panduan Pengaturan Rate Channel



คู่มือการตั้งค่า “ช่องทางราคา” (Rate Channel)

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This article will explain how to setup Rate Channel in YCS, and how Rate Channel dynamic stacking works.

1) How to set up Rate Channel in YCS Self Sign-up page

2) What is Rate Channel Dynamic Stacking?

Channel discounts are now organized into distinct channel categories (Product, Loyalty, Geography, and Platform). Rate Channel Dynamic Stacking allows the discounts from different categories to be stacked on top of each other, to enhance customer segment targeting and  offer even more competitive prices.

Below are examples of rate channels under each category.

Stacking Setup in YCS Channel Discount page

On each rate channel’s setup page, Stacking options are listed under the Base discount field. There are 2 options: 1) “I want other channel discounts to stack on this channel discount,” and 2) “I want this channel discount to stack on other channel discounts.”

Let’s see how to use these options to set up rate channel stacking as you prefer*.

If multiple combinations of base discounts and stacked discounts can be applied in one scenario (e.g. when both applicable channels are stacking channels), the system will select the combination that yields the highest total channel discount for the customer.

The chart below shows what type of rate channels can be stacked on top of each other.

How do I know which rate channels will be stacked, and what is the maximum discount?

On the Channel setup page, the system will show which channels will be stacked with the rate channel, which ones will not be stacked, and what is the maximum discount from that Rate Channel’s combination.

Now that we know what a dynamic stacking channel is, and how to set different types of stacking in YCS, let’s try an example how a stacking discount is applied.

This is a sample hotel’s rate channel setup**:

Please note that Agoda Opaque and Private Sale will never be combined, regardless of stacking option, since both are in the same category.