In this article, you will learn about the importance of photos and what photos are needed to create an attractive and outstanding property page.


Why photos are important for travelers

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is even more true in travel. Travelers use photos to select their destinations, so of course they also rely on photos to choose a hotel room or vacation home. Photos play a vital role in creating an attractive and credible property page. Research shows that travelers make up to 60% of their decisions based on photos when browsing which hotels to book. *

Here is why else you need a high-quality and complete set of photos for your property:

  • Instantly grab traveler’s attention. Photos are the most effective way to communicate what your property has to offer to guests in the shortest possible time.
  • Create a first impression that sets you apart from competitors in your area, making it easier for travelers to remember and choose your property over them.
  • Increase the likelihood of bookings. Up to 8x increase in bookings can be gained just from adding more photos! **


Which photos do I need for my property?

You should have photos that highlight the facilities, services, and all room types offered on Agoda. We recommend you have both property-level photos and room-level photos.

Property-level photos

Property-level photos are photos of the exterior or interior views of your hotel and its facilities. Guests expect to see a realistic representation of your hotel and its location as well as the amenities and services available for them once arrived. These photos also provide the traveler with a sense of “virtual arrival” as they imagine their vacation or business trip.

We recommend a minimum of 24 photos, but higher number of photos are highly recommended. The minimum should include at least…

  • 2 photos of the property exterior

  • 2 photos of the lobby or entrance

  • 2 photos of each key facility.

Photos of key facilities should include:

  • Dining facilities such as bars, restaurants, coffee shops, or other venues for food and beverages.

  • Recreational facilities such as lounge/shared area, kids/family area, shops, gardens, or other appealing and relaxing parts of the property.

  • Pool facilities such as poolside bar, kids pool, outdoor and indoor pool.

  • Wellness facilities such as spa and massage, sauna, steam room, hot tub, or fitness center.

  • Sports and outdoors facilities such as a beach, bicycle rentals, tennis court, squash court, children’s playroom, water activities, golf course, parks, or hiking.


Tips on taking facilities photos

  • Take outdoor shots during golden hour for a magical quality of light, using shadows and contrasts to enhance the architecture of the building.
  • Take photos of the property’s exterior and surrounding in wide shots to capture the whole environment of your property’s location.
  • Interior shots should be taken during the day with as much natural light as possible to achieve soft and bright images.
  • Show off your best areas – well-designed lobbies and community areas with distinct or local décor are a major attraction. Remember, guests will want to post pictures of themselves on social media, so these backdrops are important.
  • Dining is key for many travelers. In addition to pictures of bars or restaurants, you may want to include shots of your most picturesque dishes or cocktails. Images of wine cellars, buffets, fresh seafood, or colorful fruit can have wide appeal.
  • Show off all your facilities and highlight ones that other hotels might not have. A single facility can make the difference when travelers are making a final decision.


Room-level photos

Room-level photos should capture the room space and its features in a variety of angles to give guests a complete sense of the room’s size, facilities, and view.

We recommend photographing all room types available at your property with 4-6 photos for each room type. For each room type, it should consist of a minimum of…

  • 3 photos displaying the whole room space

  • 1 bathroom photo

Photos of room features could include:

  • Bed
  • View
  • Mini bar
  • Balcony or terrace
  • Seating areas
  • Coffee or tea facilities
  • Room decoration

Photos of bathroom facilities could include:

  • Bathtub
  • Bathrobe
  • Hair dryer
  • Complimentary toiletries

Tips on taking room-level photos

  • Rooms must be clean, bright, and clutter-free before taking any photos. Small details do matter such as wrinkle-free sheets, spotless mirrors, tidy surfaces, emptied trash.
  • Make sure room is well-lit. Natural lighting during early morning or late afternoon is most ideal when taking room photos. Keep blinds and curtains open and lights on to help further brighten up the room.
  • Take shots from all four corners to paint a better idea of the entire room layout for guests.


Importance of Main photos

First impressions matter, especially the first image a traveler sees of your hotel! The main photo is often the key factor that determines whether travelers will click on your property page on the search page. So, it is especially important to carefully choose the main photo that best sells your property’s unique selling points.

What main photos do I need?

You need 2 types of main photos…

  • Property main photo: could be an exterior shot, exceptional interior shot such as a unique key facility.

  • Room main photo: For each room type, room main photo is needed. Select photos that show the bedroom from its best angle, giving guests a spacious sense of the entire room and a clear idea of the bed area.


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