This article details how to improve your Content Score for pictures within the Room Photos category.

How do I upload photos?

Your rooms are the key product you’re offering to travelers. So, it’s essential to present them clearly and attractively to secure bookings. Room-level photos should showcase the space and its features from various angles to provide guests with a comprehensive understanding of the room’s size, amenities, and view.

To achieve a good Room Content score, you need a minimum of 4 photos for each room type. This should include at least 3 photos showcasing the entire room space and 1 photo of the bathroom.

To upload photos of your rooms, follow the below steps:

  1. Log into YCS.
  2. Select  Photos.
  3. Click on Upload Photos.
  4. Click on Add Photos to choose pictures from your device.

5. Choose “Please assign a category and tag” below the photo, then select the photo you want to update.

6. From the dropdown menu, choose the room name to which you want to assign the photo.

7. In the second dropdown, select the type of photo, such as “bedroom” or “bathroom.”

8. Click Assign.

Scroll down to see the full list of rooms you offer >> Click on the + icon next to the room type you’re adding photos for >> Click Add Photo.

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