In this article, we will guide you through the photo uploading required before your property goes live on Agoda.


How to Upload Photos

Having great photos is key to a successful property listing. Photos drive engagement, promote bookings, and improve the perception of your property.

To complete the registration process, you need to upload photos of the property itself and each type of hotel room within.

Step 1. Log in to YCS.

Step 2. Go to Reports and select EC360 Dashboard.

Step 3. Select Property Photos.

Step 4. In the Photo Upload section, click on Select Files.

Step 5. Select your Property’s Photos from your computer.

Step 6. Click on Upload.

Step 7. Choose one main photo and add a caption to the others.

Step 8. Click on Save Changes.


You may find video below to guide you further on how you can upload the photo:


Minimum Requirements

  • At least one photo is required
  • One main photo must be selected
  • Specifications for photos:
    • minimum resolution of 800 x 600 pixels
    • best photo for display is 2048 x 1536 pixels
    • maximum file size is 4 MB
    • maximum total file size is limited to 100 MB per upload
    • supported file formats are .jpg and .png
  • Attached you will find a tutorial on how to upload photos


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the sequence of photos displayed on the front end?

Only the property main photo and main photo of each room type can be manually changed on YCS.

Can I upload photos in a batch?

Yes! You can simply select multiple photos after you click “Select Files”.


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