In this section, you will see how to choose your hotel facilities and how to set up other important information such as check-in/out, accepted credit cards, and more.


How to edit facilities

  • Please select only what your property offers to ensure customers have an accurate idea of your services and facilities.
  • Please make sure you give us as much information as possible.


Step 1. Log in to YCS

Step 2. Go to Reports and select EC360 Dashboard.

Step 3. Select Facilities.

Step 4. Click the icon to mark a feature as available at your property; your changes will be saved automatically.


Section explanations 

Hotel Facilities 

Facilities and services that are provided by your property.
Language Spoken 

Languages spoken by the staff at your property.

Payment Cards Accepted 

The payment cards accepted by your property.
Sports and Recreation 

Sports and recreation facilities provided by your property.

Useful Information 

Provides customers a better understanding of your property and its services.

Below is a video on how to set up your cancellation policies using the EC360 Dashboard



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