This article will outline the information of how to complete rates and allotments settings that are necessary for successful activation of your property on Agoda.


How to update Rates and Allotments

You must set up room rates and allotments for at least one room type. Rates and allotments should be provided for every day of the week. Please make sure to review this section carefully before clicking Save.

Step 1. Log in to YCS

Step 2. Go to Reports and select EC360 Dashboard.

Step 3. Click on Rates & Allotments.

Step 4. Select Room Type.

Step 5. Select Date Range (minimum of 90 days) and then select the days of the week for which you will set the rates.

Step 6. Provide the rates for the relevant occupancy, allotments, and click Add.

Step 7. Rates will be shown in the table at the bottom of the page.

Step 8. Click Save.

Please make sure that the rates and availability are kept updated as Agoda confirms instant bookings to the guests


Frequently Asked Questions

Will Agoda immediately start selling my rooms under the rate I set up?

We will only start selling rooms you once your property is activated.

Can I set up rates for just one month for now, as I’m not sure what the market will be like later?

To complete registration, at least 90 days’ room rates must be uploaded. You can always make changes later if you’d like to increase or decrease rates.


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