This article will outline the information of how to complete rates and allotments settings that are necessary for successful activation of your property on Agoda.


How to update Rates and Allotments

You are only required to create one room at this stage. If you have any additional rooms, you will be able to add those later once your property goes live.

  1. Log in to YCS.
  2. Go to Room and details.
  3. Select room name from the Room name drop-down.
  4. Insert room size.
  5. Select the maximum number of people the room can accommodate.
  6. Select the number of bathroom per guest room.
  7. Select the number of bedroom per guest room.
  8. Insert the minimum price per night.
  9. Tick the Yes, my room offers breakfast as well checkbox if breakfast is included in the nightly price.
  10. Blocked dates:
    • My units are available for booking in the next 30 days: We will use the same rate to auto-extend allotment for the next 30 days.
    • I will add availability later: No allotment will be added, you can update once the property is live.
  11. Click Next.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Agoda immediately start selling my rooms under the rate I set up?

We will only start selling rooms you once your property is activated.


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