This article will help you improve your content score for photos under the Property Image Coverage category.

What type of photos do I need for my property?

Travelers want to know exactly what they’ll get, and photos are the best and fastest way to communicate these details. Property-level photos include both the exterior and interior of your hotel and its facilities. These pictures are crucial in showing potential guests what kind of experience they can expect when booking.

To increase both your bookings and review scores, it’s important to ensure that photos of your lobby, front desk, dining areas, pool, and common areas are thorough, attractive, and accurate.

Each of your property services that is ticked with a “” will require at least one photo and a tag in order to rate in your Content Score.

You can update all your property-level facilities via the Agoda YCS extranet. Once logged in, follow these steps:

  1. Go to YCS >> Settings >> Property Settings.
  2. Go to Facilities >> Property Services.
  3. Select all available facilities.
  4. Click Save.


Next, upload photos and add tags according to your facilities:

  1. Go to Property
  2. Click on Photos
  3. Click on Upload Photos.
  4. Click on Add Photos to select pictures from your computer.

5. Select “Please assign a category and tag” below the photo, then choose the photo you want to update.

6. Choose a Category and Tag, and click Assign.


Tip: Ensure you tag at least one photo for cleanliness and one photo from each facility group (For example: restaurants, bars, cafes, food & beverage, service/convenience, swimming pool, spa, fitness, kids’ facilities, and things to do).

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