This article will outline how you can boost your property ranking on Agoda homes search page. We’ll provide you with a list of things you may do to top the search page and create more bookings!


Best rates & availability uploaded on

Agoda’s goal is to supply best-in-class product to all customers which means having the most favorable rates in order to ensure that customers can access the best rates and offers that are available online.

How to adjust your rates? Click here for the step-by-step instruction.

How to update your availability? Click here for the step-by-step instruction.


Outstanding Photo & Facility Contents

Having great photos & facilities is key for any property. Good photos & facilities drive exposure, promote bookings and improve reputation.

Tips – Prioritize photos of the exterior, lobby, swimming pool, etc. Choose the best photo to showcase the most distinctive/attractive features & facilities of the property.

How to upload photos? Click here for the step-by-step instruction.

How to edit property facilities? Click here for the step-by-step instruction.


Run Promotions

Customers are more inclined to click on your property when they see discounts & promotions applied. More clicks, more bookings, more revenue! Agoda has prepared multiple Promotion Types that could easily accommodate and deliver your marketing strategies to the targeted audience.

How to create promotions? Click here for the step-by-step instruction.


Activate your Channel Discounts

Channel discounts are channels available to specific user groups at discounted rates (vs. promotions that are available to all customers). These rates are separate from the retail prices and will not be available publicly to all customers.

Retail Default rate channel at Agoda, that is activated for all new properties by default.
Private Sale  Exclusive discount for Agoda logged
Domestic Discount for local or domestic travelers.
Mobile Exclusive price for users booking via Agoda mobile application.
Agoda Opaque Secret deal discount also distributed on as “ Opaque Program”, where the name of the hotel will be revealed to the customer only after the booking is completed.
China Exclusive on Agoda through the Chinese language website.
Package Discounts for customers booking both flight + hotel at the same time on Agoda.
VIP Exclusive for Agoda VIP members. Agoda VIP is a status that is unlocked for Agoda exclusive customers who have done more than 5 completed bookings in the past 2 years.

Want to activate these Channel Discounts? Contact your local Market Manager or use this link to contact us.


Campaign through Agoda Growth Express

Hotels can set up a boost campaign targeting guests based on several parameters such as travel period and origin through the Agoda Growth Express.

With Growth Express, hotel Partners can:

  • Create Campaigns for specific stay periods
  • Choose origins which you wish to target
  • Implement a flexible, commitment-free campaign, fully controlled by you
  • View campaign performance report directly on YCS

You can manage this by logging in to YCS > Settings > Ranking. More information is available on the Ranking page itself.


Sign Up for Agoda Growth Program/ Advanced Guaranteed Program

By signing up for AGP, Agoda will do all the marketings for you to boost your sales!

This includes:

  • Boost in ranking on Agoda search page
  • Enhanced ad spending (MSE: Google, Trivago, Tripadvisor, KAYAK, Instagram etc)
  • Increased exposure via Agoda international affiliate networks
  • Prioritized exposure in the Agoda Newsletter

Agoda Growth program allows you to enjoy all these benefits in exchange for an increase in commission.

Advanced Guaranteed program is one of the strategic Agoda programs which allows our partners to have advanced payment in exchange for an increase in commission and guaranteed allotments.

Want to know more about AGP? Contact your local Market Manager or use this link to contact us.


Join our Sponsored Listing Program

Agoda’s Sponsored Listings is a program to increase the exposure for the property on Agoda’s website. You will be able to buy a guaranteed ranking on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd spot on our website for 2 or 4 weeks for your property.


  • Increase the exposure on Agoda’s website
  • Have a guaranteed spot on the website for a specific period

Want to know more about Sponsored Listing? Contact your local Market Manager or use this link to contact us.