Agoda is always working on new initiatives to help bring business to your hotel. One proven method is the Agoda Super Sale campaign, which drives demand and bookings to our Preferred Partners. We feature our partners on a special landing page while also providing other exclusive marketing benefits that boost your visibility right away.

We use attractive campaign designs, social media, and other marketing channels to attract more customers to the participating hotels.

Last year, we saw a substantial boost in bookings for hotels participating in Super Sale as well as reduced lead time. Based on the positive results, we are continuing this initiative. We have been successfully running the Super Sale campaigns for our Preferred Partners in Maldives, Thailand, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Participating in the Agoda Super Sale only requires a minimum discount be set for the campaign duration – a requirement that will help increase conversions through our platform.

If you would like to participate in our Super Sale campaign, contact your Market Manager.