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You may be curious how Agoda determines the commission paid and how much you will be paying Agoda when registering your property with us. This article will provide you with an overview of the commission that will be enforced once the property is available on Agoda.  

Agoda’s Commission Introduction 

Agoda will collect commission from our registered hotel partners. The commission is set based on your property location (city and country).  

Agoda strives to be the best in the market and is committed to offering the best price for our customers. To establish this, we run campaigns and create marketing plans for our partners to boost property visibility and booking potential across online platforms.  

Depending on your property’s discount type settings and connection type, the commission will be calculated differently.  

How to reduce the commission level 

Generally, commission rates are not negotiable as it is standardized across the region.  

However, should you have a valid reason for requesting a commission change to a lower amount (such as a chain agreement), you may submit a request via this page. 


  • The commission set is fixed throughout the property’s locality.  
  • Changes in commission requests are subject to review and approval by Agoda.  

How to increase the commission level 

For an increase in commission level, you may set it up using one of our most intensive campaigns – the Agoda Growth Express (AGX) program. This program is specifically designed for partners who wish to boost their property ranking on Agoda by increasing the commission level without any additional terms or contracts from Agoda. 

You may learn more about this program here: How do I Boost My Property’s Sales & Ranking? 

Frequently Asked Questions 

I have a property located in 2 different countries: Thailand and Singapore. I would like to standardize the commission for both of my properties to 15%. How can I do that? 

Unfortunately, we are unable to standardize the commission across different locations. The commission rates differ across locations based on the marketing prices and expenses in each individual locality.  

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