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All properties partnering with Agoda.com are required to complete the Account Verification form. This is to comply with various legal and regulatory requirements to avoid any service interruptions.

Account Verification Form

The form is available on YCS > Settings > Account Verification.

Explanation of Terms




A ‘natural person’ (in legal meaning, i.e. one who has their own legal personality) who is an individual human being and is not formed and administered as per corporate law.
Property legal name The official name of the property as used on official registration documents
Ultimate Beneficial Owner The ultimate beneficial owner is the individual who ultimately owns the property. If an individual person owns the property legally, then they are the ultimate beneficial owner. If a company owns the property, the person who owns this company is the ultimate beneficial owner. The ultimate beneficial owner is the person who is ultimately at the top of the ownership structure.
Alternate Name Some companies operate under a name that differs from the registered, legal name of the business. This could be a trade name, trading name or business name.
Property Management Company A management company manages the daily operations of a hotel, either for an incentive fee, a base fee or a cut of the gross revenue. They typically function as third-party operators, providing day-to-day management services as well as support in accounting, sales and marketing, food and beverage, human resources, auditing, revenue management, etc.
Ultimate Beneficial Owner Name The ultimate beneficial owner. If a company owns the property/management company, we need the full legal name of the company.
If the property/management company is owned by an individual, then we will need the full legal name of that individual.
Government control Where an entity is wholly owned or controlled (i.e. through more than 50% ownership) by a government body or government official.


Frequently Asked Questions 

How does Agoda use this information? 

Using secure channels, we pass on your information to a third-party provider, who assists us in validating the information against various data sources. This interaction between Agoda.com and the third party is fully compliant with our privacy regulations.

What happens if I choose to not submit the form within the deadline? 

As this is required documentation, we will temporarily stop selling the property if the form is not submitted within the deadline.