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Your username and password will be automatically created when you have a property registered with Agoda. However, you may want to change your username or password—so in this article, we will outline how to create a new username and link it to your currently registered property.


How to create a new username? 

Step 1. Go to and click on “Create account”.


Step 2. A pop-up window will appear. Please choose “Sign Up via Email”

Step 3. Make sure you create a new password that’s minimum 8 characters long. We highly recommend using a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, capital letters, and lower-case letters for increased security.


How can I link my new username to my current property? 

Unfortunately, it’s not possible for you to link your new username to your current property in YCS by yourself. However, the Agoda Accommodation Support team can help you with this. please contact us for further assistance.

Please ensure to provide:

  • Your name and role within the property.
  • An official letter from owner or management company mentioning the additional or updated username.
  • New username email address.
  • Details if any subscription is needed for notification from Agoda.

If your payment method is using ePass under YCS, please provide details if you would like the username to be accessible for the Finance tab as well.


How to reset password?

Agoda is no longer requiring any password to log in to the YCS extranet. You might refer to “How do I login using a PIN Code?” for further steps on login in using the PIN code.

However, when the password is needed from channel manager connection or other setup requirements and if you forget the password, please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to and click on “Sign in


Step 2. Find and click on “Forgot Password?


Step 3. Insert the email address and tick on the box “I’m not a robot“.

Step 4. Click “Reset Password” and you will be informed that a link to reset the password has been sent to your email.



Step 5. When you receive the email from Agoda and click on the “Reset my password” button.


Step 6. Then a pop-up window will appear that will allow you to submit a new password.

Step 7. Fill in all the necessary information and click “Change Password“.

Now you should be able to log in with the new password.


Frequently Asked Questions 

How can I remove the old username that we don’t use anymore? 

Agoda Accommodation Support team will be able to help you. please contact us and provide details on the username you would like removed.

I am a new property management that is taking over a property from the old management.  What should I do if I don’t have any official letter from the old management company? 

You can provide an official change of management letter informing us that the new username is to be given access.

What should I do if I can’t log in to YCS even after the username is linked?  

When logging in to YCS, you will be prompted to input a PIN code due to security reasons. This PIN code may be obtained via email or the YCS app.


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