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In this article, you will find out factors about tax invoices, when and how you will issue a tax invoice to our mutual guests.

Do I need to issue a Tax Invoice to the Guest?

Properties located in all countries except the US, Mainland China, and Taiwan are liable to issue a tax invoice to guests. A tax invoice can be issued either on paper or by email (or both).


What information is required when issuing a Tax Invoice to Guests?

  1. Hotel name
    2. Guest full name
    3. Amount exclusive of GST/VAT
    4. GST/ VAT
    5. Total Amount: Reference Sell Rate (All-inclusive amount incl. tax & fees)*


* Please refer to the Agoda property voucher for the Reference Sell Rate


Sample of a Tax Invoice

The below sample is for illustrations purpose only, please do not use this template. The exact Tax Invoice template will depend on the VAT/GST laws of the country where your property is located.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my property is tax-exempted by the government?

The law and regulations in different countries and areas may vary. If your property has a special status, kindly reach out to Agoda Accommodation Support via the “Need Help” in YCS.

Why Agoda is not issuing the tax invoice?

  1. A) Law

Please note under local law, the property is required to issue local VAT invoices to guests specifying the room rate (Reference Sell Rate)

  1. B) Legal contract signed by Property and Agoda

Under our agreement with your hotel, you shall issue a tax invoice to the guest (when they request) specifying the reference sell rate.

  1. C) Transaction model

Please note that Agoda collects the money on behalf of you and makes the payment after deducting our commission. This is no different if the guest pays the room rate to you directly and you send the commission amount to Agoda.

  1. D) Role of Agoda

Agoda is a “booking facilitation service/ middleman/agent” – legally we do not provide hotel rooms, thus we earn only the commission for our service. Under local law, the provider of accommodation service (hotel rooms) needs to issue a tax invoice to the guest.


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