The Hotel Messaging feature on the YCS app is now available for you to communicate with guests and responding to guest’s reviews on your mobile.

With this, it will help improve the responsiveness to guests’ requests and satisfaction.


How can you start using Messaging feature?

You would need to be activated on Agoda’s Customer Messaging first, please refer to the article here for further details on how you can request for activation and how customers can reach you.


Steps on how to use the Messaging feature on YCS App

Step 1. Open YCS Mobile App

Step 2. Click on the More menu in the bottom right of the app

Step 3. Click on “Chat with your guests”

Step 4. Click “Start” to chat with the guest

Step 5. Choose the messages you want to respond to

Step 6. You are now able to chat with the guest


How to use the access & respond to guest’s review?

Step 1. Go to “More”

Step 2. Click on “Reviews”

Step 3. Select a review and write your reply on “Write your response here” field

Step 4. Submit your response by clicking on the send icon.